2022: Yearly Recap!

Ultimate Champions
5 min readJan 13, 2023

Hey Champs,

Time to reflect on the year that just went by and talk about our plans for 2023.

Let’s get cracking🥵!

2022 in a few dates

Let us take a trip down memory lane by revisiting some of the key dates of the past year.

  • 01/04 — Open Alpha release

We successfully launched our Open Alpha phase with a limited scope and kickstarted the Champs community. While certain elements, such as card scaling and positioning were not yet perfected and several core features were absent, it was playable and we could start improving the game! 🎮

  • 20/04 — Beta release 🔥

Rocky launch to say the least — you were so excited that you broke our servers🤭!

We rocketed to 10,000 total users in a single week, above our expectations!

  • 25/04 — First Pack drop

First of many Pack drops. We had to shut down the entire game for a few hours. We switched to Polygon just before launching the Beta and faced a couple of unforeseen issues.

  • 10/05 — Arsenal F.C. joins Ultimate Champions🔥🥹
  • 20/05 — Euroleague Partnership announced 🔥
  • 25/07 — CHAMP token is listed on exchanges

Our real first dive into Web3. Understanding the technicalities of liquidity pools and how to deal with an economy that is tied to a currency with a fluctuating value was a challenging and great experience.

  • 25/08 — New Season — Tournaments were released!

We wrapped up the core game modes we wanted to have in Ultimate Champions and collectors could finally leverage their rare cards in the different tournaments.

  • 19/10 — Referral program release

Release of the long awaited referral program rewarding players for bringing their friends in the game. In less than 3 months, more than 20,000 referred players found their way to UC!

  • 15/11- Binance Labs invested in Ultimate Champions🔥

Binance Labs, the venture capital arm and accelerator of Binance, invested $4 Million in Ultimate Champions.

Honorable mentions to the other features since launch: Search feature, Substitutes, Formations, KYC, Virtual Gameweeks (this one was fun to design), Genesis Cards, Condition Bonuses, Starter Packs, Playsharper Integration, UC Helper.

  • (Bonus) 05/12 — Ultimate Champions offsite! 📸

After one year, our team had grown to encompass 26 amazing team members. Although we work remotely across more than 10 different countries, we were able to come together for a few days in Paris!

Group picture after drinking a legal amount of red wine

2022 in numbers

  • 47 football Clubs officially partnered with Ultimate Champions and were released in the game since April on top of the 38 EuroLeague and Eurocup clubs!
  • 205,000 accounts were created on Ultimate Champions since the beta release
  • 40,000 Monthly Actives Users in December — Sitting at the top spot of active users for games on Polygon in Q4 🔥(and 4th in transaction numbers)!
Source: https://degame.com/en/home
  • 48,959 Basic Packs, 5,355 Jumbo Packs and 6,740 Premiums Packs were purchased!
  • 52 Gameweeks played
  • 6,067,992 CHAMP tokens distributed as rewards! ($400,500 at this time)
  • 8,292 Epics and 824 Mythics distributed as rewards
  • 14,512 points: the best combined performance (All teams combined) by @Joseph_K3rr
  • 2,820 points: the best team performance in the Leagues ever by CesaarDT
  • 146,000 CHAMP: the biggest purchase for a single card on the Marketplace
  • 6832: that’s the amount of time Gabriel Martinelli has been captained in the game ! Highest amount followed by Odegaard and Gabriel Jesus. Gunners dominating the Premier League🔥
  • 22,764: the amount of cups of coffees the UC team drank this year (advanced tracking)

It feels like ages ago but all those features and KPIs happened in less than 8 months! Time to look ahead.

2023 — Let’s embark on a journey!

We’ll start the year with the following updates:

  • Marketplace improvements (January)
  • BNB Chain deployment (January)
  • Baskbetball 🏀Alpha & Beta (February)
  • Final wrap-up to make the game fully Mobile friendly (Jan / Feb)

Once those updates are released, we will take a step back and refine our upcoming roadmap!

We will articulate our priorities around two pillars: Improvement & Innovation.


Improving the existing Ultimate Champions features will be a continuous effort. Making sure we keep polishing features and add the additional core functionalities that our Champs are looking for.

You can expect:

  • New clubs (Football & Basketball)
  • Additional trading features
  • Auctions — yes they’re back on the table!
  • Continuous UI / UX improvements

! We will refine our roadmap priorities based on community feedback in the upcoming month.


In 2022, our goal was straightforward: to launch a high-quality game and establish a strong community.

We are proud of the game we have created and the progress we have made in the first eight months since its launch. However, we are eager for more!

It is time to innovate, to explore new types of features, and to delve into new economic concepts and uncharted territories.

Web3 games are still in their infancy, and the search for long-term sustainability is ongoing. We aim to use the knowledge we have gained in recent months and continue to experiment in pursuit of our goals.

“That sounds nice but it’s very vague!” It is! We will share more details in the upcoming months when we’re done with the first few releases of 2023.

Final words

On behalf of the entire Ultimate Champions team, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for your continued support during the early stages of our journey.

It has been a tumultuous and exciting year and we are elated to have you on board as valued members of our community.

Thank you, Champs.

We’re only getting started!



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