EuroLeague and EuroCup: Statistics and Leaders

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There is a lot of information to digest in order to understand the basics and fundamentals of basketball!

Therefore we want to share a detailed breakdown of the main statistics within the EuroLeague and EuroCup games, and who are the players leading these stats lists.

What are the main stats to look out for?

Points (PTS): Points may be accumulated in 1, 2, 3, or even 4 points per possession.

Possession is how long a specific team has the ball and usually lasts for 24 seconds(shot clock) or until they score.

Shots taken outside of the perimeter line (also known as the three-point line) will count as 3 points. Any shot taken inside the perimeter line will count as 2 points (with the exception of Free-Throws).

Two and three-pointers can be scored through Field Goals while individual points may be recorded through Free-Throws.

Free-Throws will be taken after the shooter is fouled during scoring action. Free-Throws will also be awarded after a technical foul. Free-Throws shot from the free-throw line.

Assists (AST): Players will accumulate assists during a basketball match when they perform a pass to a teammate who scores.

Assists measure a player’s ability to create scoring opportunities for their teammates.

Rebounds (REB): There are two types of rebounds: offensive and defensive.

An offensive rebound is when offensive players regain possession of the ball after a missed shot. In contrast, defensive rebounds occur when defensive players gain possession of the ball after an offensive player misses the shot.

Total Rebounds is the combination of Offensive Rebounds + Defensive Rebounds

Steals (STL): Steals are attributed to those players who gain possession of the ball from an opponent player.

Players categorized as “Guards” tend to be the players with the most steals per game.

Blocks (BLK): A block takes place when a player successfully defends a shot from the opposing team by swatting the ball out of bounds or deflecting it.

Blocks provide a good way to measure a player’s defensive attributes along with their “stealing” capability.

The biggest players (Centers or Power Forwards) in the team tend to be the players with the most blocks per game.

Turnovers (TO): A turnover takes place when a player loses possession of the ball due to a mistake or steal. Turnovers can be costly for a team, as they give the ball to the other team and can lead to scoring opportunities.

Performance Index Rating (PIR): Formula used in the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague as well as 7DAYS EuroCup and other domestic competitions to provide a player’s performance overview.

The formula is calculated as follows: (Points + Rebounds + Assists + Steals + Blocks + Fouls Drawn) — (Missed Field Goals + Missed Free Throws + Turnovers + Shots Rejected + Fouls Committed)

Who are the current EuroLeague and EuroCup leaders in each stat category?

*Stats were recorded after Round 15 and may vary in Round 16*

Points (PTS)

  • Dwayne Bacon (Panathinaikos Athens) — EuroLeague

Dwayne Bacon, Panathinaikos Athens’ Forward, has been on a mission since the start of the 2022–23 EuroLeague season.

The American player is not only leading the competition in points, but he has also put in an elite performance within his 10 first games.

At the moment, Dwayne Bacon recorded 20.3 PTS, 4.1 REB, 1.5 AST and 16.3 PIR.

  • Joe Young (Promitheas Patras) — EuroCup

Without any doubt, Joe Young has been having an exceptional start to the 7DAYS EuroCup season. After playing 7 games this season, Promitheas Patras’ Guard recorded 23.4 PTS, 2.3 REB, 3.9 AST, and 20.4 PIR.

Dwayne Bacon leads in PTS with 20.3 PTS on average — EuroLeague
Joe Young leads in PTS with 23.4 PTS on average — EuroCup

Assists (AST)

  • Kostas Sloukas (Olympiacos Piraeus) — EuroLeague

Kostas Sloukas is recognized around the league as one of the players who can create loads of scoring opportunities for his team. He’s made a statement by leading the EuroLeague in Assists so far in the 2022–23 season: 12.7 PTS, 2.3 REB, 6.9 AST, 18.1 PIR.

  • J’Covan Brown (Hapoel Vegan Friendly Tel Aviv) — EuroCup

In his 7DAYS EuroCup debut season, J’Covan Brown has shown his court vision and capabilities. After Round 8, J’Covan Brown leads the EuroCup with the most Assists on average: 11.4 PTS, 3.0 REB, 7.3 AST, and 17.1 PIR

Kostas Sloukas has averaged 6.9 AST after EuroLeague’s Round 15
Kostas Sloukas has averaged 7.3 AST after EuroCup’s Round 9

Rebounds (REB)

  • Mathias Lessort (Partizan Mozzart Bet Belgrade) — EuroLeague

Mathias Lessort has proven his value to Partizan Mozzart Bet Belgrade, after becoming one of the most ferocious players in the paint. Collecting a total of 113 Total Rebounds to date, Mathias Lessort leads the EuroLeague in Rebounds.

His overall performance — 12.7 PTS, 7.5 REB, 1.3 AST, 21.0 PIR

  • Alpha Kaba (Buducnost Voli Podgorica)— EuroCup

In his first year, joining up with Buducnost VOLI Podgorica, Alpha Kaba has already made a name in the EuroCup. The Frenchman is recording the best numbers in terms of rebounds so far this season: 13.5 PTS, 11.5 REB, 0.4 AST, 20.8 PIR.

Mathias Lessort recorded 7.5 Total Rebounds on average after EuroLeague’s Round 15
Alpha Kaba recorded 11.5 Total Rebounds on average after EuroCup’s Round 9

Steals (STL)

  • Thomas Walkup (Olympiacos Piraeus) — EuroLeague

Thomas Walker is currently leading the EuroLeague with the most steals on average per game after Round 15. Until now, the Olympiacos Piraeus’ Guard has recorded 6.2 PTS, 2.8 REB, 5.1 AST, 2.1 STE, 11.0 PIR

  • Jeremiah Martin (Slask Wroclaw) — EuroCup

With 9 games completed in the 2022–23 EuroCup season, Jeremiah Martin’s defending capabilities have been incredible.

At the moment, the Slask Wroclaw’s guard is leading the 7DAYS EuroCup Steals list with 3.0 Steals on average per game. Stats-wise, Jeremiah Martin has 14.0 PTS, 4.1 REB, and 15.9 PIR

Thomas Walkup leads in Steals after EuroLeague’s Round 15
Jeremiah Martin leads in Steals after EuroCup’s Round 9

Blocks (BLK)

  • Walter Tavares (Real Madrid) — EuroLeague

Players have a hard time getting around Walter Tavares in order to score. At 220cm tall, Real Madrid’s Center has become a problem for many opposition teams due to his defending ability.

Currently, Tavares is leading the EuroLeague with the most blocks per game on average: 11.3 PTS, 6.8 REB, 2.6 BLK, 16.9 PIR.

  • Simon Birgander (Club Joventut Badalona) — EuroCup

Simon Birgander is in his 4th season with Club Joventut Badalona and he has confirmed why he is one of the best defenders in the league.

After playing only 6 games this season, Simon Birgander recorded 7.0 PTS, 5.7 REB, 2.0 BLK, and 12.7 PIR.

Walter Tavares leads in Blocks after EuroLeague’s Round 15
Simon Birgander leads in Blocks after EuroCup’s Round 9

Performance Index Rating (PIR)

  • Sasha Vezenkov (Olympiacos Piraeus) — EuroLeague

Sasha Vezenkov is currently regarded as EuroLeague’s best overall performer. The Olympiacos’ Forward has been performing exceptionally well, recording the best overall numbers in the season.

Sasha Vezenkov is leading the EuroLeague in PIR average with 19.2 PTS, 7.2 REB, 2.0 AST, and 25.3 PIR

  • Yogi Ferrell (Cedevita Olimpija Ljubljana)— EuroCup

Yogi Ferrel cannot go unnoticed this season, and this is due to his performance on the court.

Despite Cedevita Olimpija Ljubljana currently undergoing a tough time in the competition, the American Guard is leading the 7DAYS EuroCup with the best PIR on average: 17.9 PTS, 2.4 REB, 5.2 AST, 22.2 PIR.

Sasha Vezenkov leads in EuroLeague PIR after Round 15
Yogi Ferrell leads in EuroCup PIR after Round 9



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