Introducing: Holders First Program

Ultimate Champions
4 min readFeb 15, 2023

Hello Champs,

Today we’re glad to introduce a first game-changing pivot in our approach to handling our Card supply in Ultimate Champions.

Holding Cards is about to get even more EXCITING! 🔥🔥🔥


  • Hold cards in Ultimate Champions
  • Get a chance to be airdropped cards for any new athlete, any new club and any new sport added to the game!
  • First airdrop🪂 will be Basketball Cards THIS month🤯

Program Breakdown

How to be eligible to be airdropped🎁

Every player with a Collection Score of 100 and above is eligible and will have a chance to be airdropped — it’s that simple 💥

As a reminder your Collection Score is displayed at the top of your Ultimate Champion collections

➡️ 1 Epic card grants 10 points
➡️1 Mythic card grants 100 points
➡️1 Unique card grants 3000 points

Disclaimer for all airdrops:

  • Collection Score of a specific sport makes you eligible for new athletes & clubs released in that specific sport only
  • Collection Score of any sport makes you eligible for new sports added to the platform for the first batch of teams released

What will be your exact chance to get a card?

  • We calculate the cumulated Collection Score of ALL players in the game
  • For each player we calculate the % his own Collection Score represents compared to the cumulated Collection Score
  • This % is in turn the chance the player has to win each item that we airdrop 🥁
  • The amount of items that we airdrop each time will be at the discretion of the team

Let’s have an example! ⏯️

  • Supreme has a Collection Score of 2630
  • It represents 0.16% of the cumulated Collection Score of players above 100 Collection Score
  • Ultimate Champions distributes 100 Cards in an Airdrop through the Holders First Progrm
  • Supreme has 0.16% chance to get each of the 100 Cards that we distribute


The first airdrop of the Holders’ First Program will take place THIS MONTH with the release of Basketball Cards🤯!

A brand new sport and supply is the perfect moment for us to inaugurate the program.

Aidrop supply 🎁🎁🎁

➡️600 Epic Cards
➡️60 Mythic Cards
➡️2 Unique Cards

Supply for this airdrop is not an indication for future airdops. It can be more or less per club / athlete in the future as it depends on how many are released at once.

The snapshot for this airdrop was already taken today, the 15th of Feburary at 15:00 CET.

We want to reward faithful holders, not speculators. We will never announce our snapshot timings in advance 🕶!

You missed this one? Don’t worry we have a LOT left in store for the upcoming months.


Football Winter transfers 🆕

We’re still on hold to add the football winter transfers, part of this supply will be airdropped though this program.

Football New Clubs 🆕

As you know we’re actively looking to add more clubs to the game and this program will be in place for ANY club or leagues that we might add to the game.

One last thing: Genesis Cards 💎

Starting today Genesis Cards are now worth x1.5 the collection score of normal cards!

We wanted to give something back to genesis cards while avoiding boosting their performances. This felt like the perfect occasion to do that!


We’ll introduce additional ground breaking innovations in 2023 on how we approach our supply in the game.

Expect more details about it towards the end of the month / early March!

Buckle up and have a great day, Champs! 🤩



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