Production Update - Summer 2023

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5 min readAug 14


Hey Champs! We hope everyone’s having a blast with the start of the new football season. 🚀

It’s finally time for a new production update, revealing more details about our exciting upcoming features.

Let’s get into it !


  • Season 23/24 Card Design reveal: we’re thrilled to finally reveal our design for the upcoming season’s cards 💎
  • Auctions: Introducing our final major new feature of our sustainability update 🪙
  • Leagues UI overhaul: Introducing a completely reworked Leagues UI / UX for a Mobile-Friendly and Enhanced User Experience. ✨

23/24 Card Design reveal! 💎

Without further ado… we’re elated to present our updated card design for the forthcoming season!

When brainstorming this new card design, we had two key objectives:

  • Introduce a fresh and modern appearance.
  • Honor and respect the legacy of our previous season cards.

With these principles guiding us, we’ve adopted a lighter renewed card case design to keep the focus on the important card information and the athlete images.

It maintains the iconic ‘physicality’ we cherished in our prior cards while infusing a contemporary flair. Preserving this tactile feel is our hallmark; it’s what makes our digital cards truly feel like a collectible.

Responding to popular feedback, we’ve also subtly adjusted the layout to include the athlete’s age and club in text format.

Last but not least, we introduced a unique case shape for… Unique Cards! Drawing from our innovations with Basketball cards, we’ve fashioned a distinctive card case to make them pop even more.

We’d like to extend our thanks to our community, as always, for their feedback.

We genuinely hope you’ll love this updated design as much as we do!

Introducing: Auctions 🪙

It’s time to unveil details about our final major feature for the sustainability update: Auctions!

With auctions, we aim to sell individual cards closer to their market value. This will take the place of the Premium Packs we’ve been offering since Day 1, addressing the elements of luck and occasional frustrations they entailed.

Now, let’s delve into how this new feature works!

Auction Listings

  • Managers will find a new space called “Buy Cards” in the game header, regrouping both the Marketplace and Auctions in two separate places.
  • Auction ‘listings’ for specific individual cards will be run throughout the year
  • The listing will include card panels, the current highest bid (or starting price), the number of bids, and a countdown timer to the auction’s end.
  • Sorting options and filters will be available for managers to easily navigate and explore the auction listings.

Auction Bidding

Detailed View Inside a Live Athlete Card Auction
  • Managers can click on any auction listing to access the card details page in the auction format.
  • They can place bids on ongoing auctions, with a minimum bid increment determined by the current highest bid.
  • Managers can view the last 5 bids placed on an auction, including the bidder’s username and bid amount.

Auction Completion

  • At the end of the auction, the highest bidder will be determined as the winner.
  • Anti-sniping timer - if a bid is placed within a predefined time before the auction ends, it will extend the auction duration.
  • The winner will be notified via email, and the card will be transferred to their account.

Leagues UI overhaul ✨

We’re thrilled to introduce a complete overhaul of our Leagues UI / UX. Our primary goal with this rework is to make the Leagues mobile friendly, while improving the readability of some core elements.

Core information about points / leaderboards / rewards will now be located on the right panel.

We also included a long overdue ‘Season rewards’ panel for all new players to be aware of them.

That’s great, but where are the private Leagues now? 🤔

Global Leagues Leaderboard and Private leagues will now have a dedicated and more comfortable space below the pitch and recap panel.

We included a cool graph to browse your past performances easily! 😎

Browsing through your favorite private Leagues will also be a lot more comfortable now.

You will be able to browse the matches for the current Gameweek in a specific tab, as well as ‘My Matches’ only that will filter automatically the matches of your registered team.

New Leagues — Desktop view

Last but not least, this updated layout will drastically improve the user experience on mobile, as every element is now responsive:

New Leagues — Mobile UI views

Onwards and Upwards 🚀

That’s it for this Production Update, Champs!

As always, our whole team wants to give a big shoutout, and thank you for your passion, feedback, and dedication to Ultimate Champions.

A while back, we made the tough call to shake things up with our game and its economy, all in the name of this sustainability update.

Right from the start, our game plan was clear: ensure the game’s longevity. We truly believe these changes will set up a solid playing field for both the new players and our long-time pros.

It’s been a wild ride getting it all together, but we’re nearly at the finish line!

What’s next?

Our next priority will be to tackle the ‘Buy Champ’ challenge. We’re gearing up to introduce a direct way to buy Champ tokens from decentralized exchanges.

Once we’ve got that squared away, we’ll be entering a ‘stabilization’ phase to give our platform a needed health boost.

While we’re at it, we’ll finalize our roadmap for the 23/24 season. Stay tuned!

Thanks for being with us on this journey ✨

Ultimate Champions team



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