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6 min readJul 27


Hey Champs, it’s time to reveal our final revision for the long awaited Tournament Update!

Thank you for all of your feedback on the original tournament update proposal, and your responses to the related survey!

Below you can find our detailed changes for the 23/24 season, but here are the key points:

  • Total $CHAMP budget almost doubled — mostly invested into mid-high divisions and positions (particularly Pro division, and positions 2nd-5th & top 10/25%), and additional tournaments. Making it easier to earn meaningful rewards.
  • Stacking penalties — to ensure that betting on a single team is not the predominant strategy, and encouraging the spirit of fantasy sport.
  • An updated set of recurring tournaments — offering more options and the return of special tournaments.
  • Shift to MGC rewards and a new MGC store, replacing Cards — as part of the sustainability plan to increase card values by lowering supply, but also to give more choice of the card you want and have more granularity between position rewards.
  • A scoring update just in time for the new season — more news on this in the coming days.

Stacking Limits

📓The same limit was proposed for all tournaments, but survey responders indicated that 5-A-Side should have different limits. An extra set of limits has been added for 5-A-Side. Full squad now allows slightly more athletes in a stack than in the proposal, but is more punishing when passing the limit.


Regular Schedule

Tournaments run per Gameweek

📓The different Global tournaments (capped/uncapped/U23) have been renamed from the proposal but work exactly the same. We ordered it with the capped global tournament first , taking the UC name, as the more balanced mode — while uncapped becomes All-Stars, which implies it may be a little more “crazy”.

📓The proposal contained 2 different mixed nationals: English (EFL + Premier League), and Germany/France/Scotland. However, there was concern that there was too much skill and prestige range in these tournaments (EFL League Two earning top rewards), and the Ger/Fra/Sco tournament didn’t have enough total teams to be competitive. The new split ensures more fair play, and a much more balanced total team count.

📓U23 in the proposal had 2 variations (capped and uncapped) with reduced rewards. Instead, we have opted for a single capped U23 tournament with full rewards. We feel that opting for capped over uncapped in U23 made more sense as it simply keeps more U23 cards viable. Additionally, the squad size for semi-pro was upgraded from 5AS to 11AS.

📓While it was a somewhat split response, rival point caps increasing between divisions made sense to more survey responders.

Tournament Divisions

Divisions per tournament
Division Rarity Requirements and Limits



The National Tiers & Reward Scale of each tournament.

Note: 5-A-Side tournament rewards are always scaled down by a further 50%.

📓Difference in Reward Scales were reduced from proposal, as many Managers found 150% too extreme. Reward Scale alters the base currency rewards found below per tournament.

Tournament $CHAMP Rewards

Base $CHAMP rewards of each division.

Note: When the top 10% or 25% does not account for any more users than the top 5 (most commonly in Legends) they are not rewarded to anyone, however we will still always include them for cases where there are enough entrants.

You can compare these values to the approximate current global values.

Champ rewards being replaced for reference.

📓It is quite hard to directly compare with different divisions, but some positions are significantly up (Pro Champion) while some are slightly down (Legends Champion). Overall the distribution should be a little more fair and linear between the top 5 (and even top 25%) positions, and low-mid divisions and positions should be much better off — making rewards a little more reliable and regular if you perform well!

Final $CHAMP Calculation

This table shows the $CHAMP received for the CHAMPION ONLY of each tournament/division, to show how the scale changes it. (base reward * tournament reward scale)

Final CHAMPION POSITION $Champ reward values. (Base reward * Reward Scale)

📓The overall $CHAMP budget is increasing by close to double! This increased value is mostly found in low-mid divisions and positions, making non-podium finishes more exciting. This increase is also to somewhat offset the reduction of NFT rewards (via MGC), and to stimulate the marketplace.

Tournament $MGC Rewards

Base $MGC rewards for each division in $MGC.

📓See the MGC store section at the end of the article for where to spend MGC. If calculated you will find that the MGC for each position will often not be as good as the Card the position currently gives— this is deliberate , because as announced in the sustainability update we are reducing cards distributed by 50% overall, aiming to increase the value and sustainability of cards.

League Rewards

League rewards at each tier of point thresholds.

📓The MGC in Leagues is significantly reduced from current rewards due to MGC having increased value with the ability to purchase NFTs, and because with the addition of National Kickoff packs and National Tournaments new players can now access tournaments for additional rewards instantly. The amount of commons rewarded is slightly higher.

MGC Store

Packs contained in the MGC store (currently known as the pack store), ONLY purchasable for MGC.

Note: For nationals there is one pack to match each national (or mixed national) tournament.

📓The goal is to have a wide range of options available for MGC, however we are starting quite basic to match tournaments (global/u23/nationals). More variety can be added in the future, particularly after we improve how the pack store is displayed to allow for more packs (in a future update).

📓Most packs have had a significant overhaul, focused on reduced cards distributed with only 2 cards in most packs, but guaranteed rarity for the main card (similar to how Silver works now).

Card contents of each basic pack type.

Scoring Update

The scoring update is still in progress, and the exact balance changes will be shared in the coming days before the new season kicks off with Gameweek 105 on the 4th of August! 🔥🔥🔥

Thanks for your support and feedback, Champs! ✨We are looking forward to an amazing 23/24 season with you all.



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